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Cheap-n-Dirty For the Very First Time

March 5, 2018

This post pops my blogging cherry, so please be gentle and pretend not to notice the mess that follows. It’ll only get better from here.


I’m doing this because I feel like there is a hole on the internet that I can

fill; there’s a lack of resources focused on North American consumers buying directly from China. I've been buying stuff from Aliexpress for several years and I’m going to provide some tips and tricks, and compare and review some of the products to their more popular (brand name) counterparts. That's where I'm starting anyway, and if that doesn't work out maybe I'll turn this domain into a webcam site.



A bit of background might help explain my perspective. I live in the Great White North among the eskimos, beavers, and polar bears. My interests, which will influence the things that I review, include camping, cooking,

skiing, biking, looking at and thinking about boobs, photography, fishing, beer, and audiophoolery. I’ll try anything twice though. I’m willing to try and provide my opinion on just about anything. If comments demand I test and review women’s underwear, I’ll do what’s right.*


*I’ll get my wife to test it..


The Great White North is a great place to live, the best as far as I’m concerned, but the consumer experience, especially in smaller towns, is generally shit. Enter online shopping - you can find anything you can dream of, but making a purchase is not always as simple or as cheap as it seems. Getting goods to Canada is expensive and duty and brokerage charges can be more mysterious than Flight MH370. Due to the low Canadian dollar, shipping and duty, it rarely makes sense for Canadians to buy from the US right now. Through some kind of wizardry, however, these issues are minimized when ordering directly from China. Shipping is usually cheap or free, and I have yet to pay duty on anything I’ve received. I can’t speak to the  American experience, but I assume it’s fairly similar.


Why am I doing this? Why does anyone blog? Narcissism and vanity. Not me though, I’m as pure as the driven snow, my reasons are completely altruistic. I want to help you, and I find writing entertaining. Errr, also, I might make a buck or two from this. I’m not trying to start a new career, but if I can cover the cost of the crap I buy and my website fees I’d consider that a win. If there’s a few dollars more than that I'll throw the money in the beer fund (more beer can only make my writing better). If you read what I write hopefully, you’ll save a couple bucks by finding some cheap and dirty gems or avoid buying something that is complete garbage.


How am I going to make money you might ask? The same way a lot of bloggers do: affiliate links. Almost anytime you click on a link provided by a youtuber or a blogger it will be an affiliate link. It doesn’t cost you anything when you use them, and the person that posted it gets a percent (0-10%) of the sale. If you decide to buy something based on my review, please use the links I provide. That’s all I’m asking from you (for now anyway). If I start getting enough traffic I might put up ads. Then again I might not. We’ll see how things go.


To start this blog I purchased all of the products that I plan on reviewing. The good thing about this is I can properly abuse them, and I can be completely honest in my review of them. If I think they’re trash, I’ll tell you. Some of them are, you’ll see. If I start getting sent review samples, I’ll be open about. I fucking hate websites that give everything a passing grade, even when the product is terrible. Lots of bloggers won’t give bad reviews because they get hooked on samples. They get to keep the product, or they get offered a discount on the item in exchange for a review. Reviewers get addicted to this and will lie or omit the truth because they need to keep getting that sample fix. If you think I'm falling into that trap, please organize an intervention.


I want readers to be a part of this website. The comments section will be completely open, unless it gets entirely out of hand. I won’t delete criticisms about me, or my writing, or the products I review, but I will delete links that are out of context, other people’s affiliate links (get your own blog you parasite), and anything overtly racist or really offensive. It will have to be pretty bad to get censored, political correctness is not required. Comment sections are my favourite part of some websites. I want to start a dialogue and have you help choose the direction of this blog. Hopefully that direction isn’t a webcam site, cause pretty I ain’t.


How do you end one of these things? Do we cuddle now?


Maybe I need a catchphrase or signoff.


Stay cheap-n-dirty my friends...


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